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Ways to Perform Surya Namaskar

Ways to Perform Surya Namaskar

Adhomukha savasana (Mountain position): The exercise is done on exhaling air. One must bring the left leg and right leg together and keep shoulder and hands apart, look through your eyes, your stomach and turn to move the spine upwards to the possible extent and stretch the heels on the floor.

Astanga Namaskara (Eight limbs position): Feet, knees, arms, chest and chin touch the floor.

  • This is usually done during expiration. Hold your breath for some time and then start.

Bhujangasana (cobra position): On inspiration, you have to keep the toes of both the feet on the floor and your two palms, apart from on the floor and raise your buttocks, head, neck, and chest to the possible extent upwards.

  • Take a deep breath. Expand your chest.

Adhomukhasyanasana (Mountain pose): It is nothing but position no 5. raise hips, buttocks and expire properly and see your abdomen for some time.

Aswa sanchalanasana: Is repeated as in no 4.

uttanasana (Hand to foot position): It is the repetition of No 3.

Tadasana: Raised arm as in Asana no 2.

Samasthiti: It is a repetition of asana no 1. These twelve postures will complete circle or cycle. Time 10-20 mts. Morning or in the evening on an empty stomach.

  • The basic Ayurvedic exercises are to be done 10-20 minutes per day. These should be practiced preferably in the morning.
  • The simple exercises will make the body warm, increase circulation and blood supply to all the organs and tissues, including ultimate cells at the quantum level of the body.
  • Some of the exercises will create activity in the tissues and promote strength and sturdiness in the tissues, especially muscles, nerves, and bones.

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