What Are The Major Initiatives Taken By The Human Rights Commission?

The Human Rights Commission has taken several initiatives some of which are very noteworthy.

The laudable initiatives

  • The Commission has made significant contribution in drafting of the Prevention of Terrorism Bill, 2000.
  • It has been successful in setting up its cell in state and city headquarters of police.
  • It has taken steps to reduce custodial deaths and rapes.
  • It has significantly contributed to human welfare by visiting jails and mental hospitals.
  • It has done laudable job in protecting human rights in areas affected by terrorism.
  • It has worked for reforms of police to reduce power misuse and also improved conditions of detention centers.
  • The Commission has fought to establish public health as an issue concerning human rights and fought for HIV or AIDS patients and also for children suffering from maternal anemia and hereditary mental diseases in children.
  • It has worked for rights of minorities, women, children and scheduled castes and tribes.
  • People suffering from displacement due to mega projects and from natural calamities have been well supported by the Commission.
  • Even the Commission has worked against trafficking and human scavenging.
  • The Commission has taken up the cause of wellbeing of destitute widows staying in Vrindavan.
  • The Commission is relentlessly working to spread awareness about human rights in the society.
  • The Commission brings out informative journals and monthly eports and also annual reports in collaboration with various NGOs.
  • It has imparted training to police force, armed force, civil society and public authorities and also students on human rights.

> What Are The Major Initiatives Taken By The Human Rights Commission?
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