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What is the Plan Coverage of HDFC ERGO Marine Insurance and what are its extensions?

Business comes with lots or risk and when it comes to international one the risks grow more. The import and export of goods or merchandise can lead the owner of the business to several problems. The HDFC ERGO Marine Insurance provides the best security options for cargo understanding the importance of responses and servicing while handling the claims.

The plan coverage of HDFC ERGO Marine Insurance are classified into 4 types: Institute Cargo Clause (C): Named Peril basis

This clause covers only the damages caused due to;

• Explosion or fire

• Turning over or derailment of land conveyance

• Vessel or craft being trapped grounded sunk or capsized

• Discharge of cargo at a port of anguish and loss or damage caused by – General Average Sacrifice / Jettison

• Clash or contact of vessel craft or transportation with any exterior object other than water

Institute Cargo Clause (B): Named Peril basis

The damages covered under this clause are;

• Volcanic eruption, earthquake, lightning etc

• Washing overboard

• Entry of lake, sea or river water in to the vessel, hold, container, conveyance or place of storage

• Any package lost abroad or dropped while loading or unloading from the vessel or the craft

Institute Cargo Clause (A)

This form of cover relates to the dangers caused due to unnamed perils. Institute Cargo Clause (Air) is the last of the four clauses. The additional cover of HDFC ERGO Marine Insurance can also be provided for the following options:

• Customs Duty

• Removal of Debris

• Loading and Unloading

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