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What Was The Amendment Made To The Consumer Protection Act In 2002?

In the year 2002 on 11th March the Rajya Sabha passed the bill no. XLII of 2001. The amendments have been made in the Section 2, Section 4, Section 7, Section 10, Section 11 and a substitution of new section for section 12 has been made. The amendments have also been made in section 13, section 14, section 15, section 16, section 19 and section 20. The section 18A has been omitted; a new section has been added after section 19. Sections 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, 30 have all been amended.

Amendments of section 2:

Sub-clauses (iv) and (v), the following sub-clauses shall be substituted, namely:- “(iv) a trader or the service provider, as the case may be, has charged for the goods or for the services mentioned in the complaint a price in excess of the price,-

  • Fixed by or under any law for the time being in force;
  • Agreed between the parties
  • Displayed on the goods or any package containing such goods;
  • Services which are hazardous or likely to be hazardous to life and safety of the public when used, are being offered by the service provider which such person could have known with due diligence to be injurious to life and safety

The clauses are substituted to;

  • “Manufacturer” means a person who makes or manufactures any goods or part thereof;
  • Puts or causes to be put his own mark on any goods made or manufactured by any other manufacturer;”
  • Does not make or manufacture any goods but assembles parts thereof made or manufactured by others

Amendments of section 4:

In section 4 of the principal Act, in sub-section (1), for the words “The Central Government may”, the words "The Central Government shall” shall be substituted.

Amendment of section 11:

The principal act of section 11 in the sub section (1) the words “does not exceed rupees twenty lakhs” is substituted for the words “does not exceed rupees five lakhs”.

Amendment of section 21:

In section 21 of the principal act in clause (a) and sub clause (1) the words ‘Rs 1 crore’ is substituted for the words ‘Rs 20 lakhs’.

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