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What are the KMC procedures to obtain birth certificate?

Birth certificate is an important record that documents the birth of a child. It is also referred to the certification of the original birth record of a child. Therefore it is very important for an individual to get a birth certificate for their children.

KMC Procedures to obtain Birth Certificate

In order to obtain a birth certificate for ones child, then one has to undergo several procedures. The procedure one has to undergo for the procurement of birth certificate is as follows:

I. The place to obtain birth certificate is the office of the Borough Ex. Health Officer and it must be obtained after six weeks from the date of birth.

II. From the main office of Kolkata Municipal Corporation or KMC, computer printed birth certificate can be easily obtained. This main office is located at 5, S.N. Banerjee Road, Kolkata - 700 013. This certificate must be collected from this office after eight weeks from the child’s date of birth. The certificate must be obtained from the Health department.

III. The name of the child can also be inserted at the time of getting this vital document.

IV. Procedure 1 & 2 are meant for obtaining the birth certificates of those children that has taken birth in a private nursing home or hospital.

If the birth of a child took place in any of the government hospitals then the KMC procedure to obtain birth certificate is as follows:

I. Obtain the birth certificate from the concerned health unit of a ward upto period of one year from the date of birth. Medical certificate from the concerned government hospital must be presented also.

II. If the birth certificate is not collected within a year from the date of birth, then it can be obtained from the KMC’s Health Department’s Main office. The certificate would be issued only after the verification of the birth reports.

In case of a domiciliary birth event, then the KMC procedure to obtain birth certificate are as follows:

I. The head of the family must report this kind of birth event to the concerned ward health unit.

II. Birth certificate regarding this case also needs to be obtained within a year after the date of birth of a child. The delayed registration must be obtained only on orders by the First Class Magistrate from the concerned borough Ex. Health Officer.