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What is the claim process for HDFC ERGO Accident Protection Plan- Hospital Cash?

The procedure for claiming hospital cash under HDFC ERGO Accident Protection Plan has been categorized in three parts namely accidental death claim, accidental injury claim and broken bones claim. The basic procedures for claiming the insurance policy are as follows:

1.The insured must make a phone call at 1 – 800 – 2700 – 2700 in case of an accident. This one is a toll free number.

2.Service care representatives have been appointed to guide the people through all the procedures for getting the claim.

3.The service care representative also guides people regarding the documents that are needed to get the insurance claim.

4.The people must get a claim form from either from their insurance agent or from their insurance service provider.

5.The form must be filled and all the necessary documents must also be attached along with the claim form.

6.The documents must be against the claim type.

The following documents are needed for obtaining accidental death claim is as follows:

1.One must get a claim form and duly fill up the form,

2.They must also make an FIR at their local police station and the copy of that report must be attached along with that form.

3.The post mortem report must also be submitted,

4.Death certificate,

5.Succession certificate or notarized affidavit certifying legal heir status is also needed.

6.A letter of indemnity must be made and that too on Rs.200 stamp paper.

In case of accidental injury claim, medical papers such as X-ray reports and pathology reports must be presented. In case of permanent disablement, the certificate of disability from the respective hospital must be presented. And in case of temporary disablement the sick leave certificate from the Employer is needed.