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What happens if the luggage gets stolen en-route?

The Indian Railways being the busiest and the largest network of the world is rendering service since the past 150 years. It assures a comfortable journey to its passengers. Along with comfort it also ensures of safety though certain mishaps have taken place but the railway authorities try to prevent mishaps as much as possible.

In case of luggage the Indian Railway allows free allowance which permits the passenger to carry luggage with them in the compartment without paying any cost. In such cases even the children who are within the age limit of 5 years – 12 years are also allowed to carry luggage of maximum 50 kg. If the luggage exceeds the margin of free allowance the passenger will have to pay the normal charges. If it is detected by any of the officers of the rail authority, which means if the passenger have not informed the authority he or she will have to pay the penalty calculated.

In case if the luggages are stolen or lost the passenger can inform the railway authorities. Sometimes it may happen that on the route the luggage of the passenger are stolen due to theft or robbery or dacoity in the running train. At that time the passenger should approach the train conductor or the coach attendant or the guards. The passenger can also contact the GRP escort. If any of the mentioned persons are contacted they will give the passenger an FIR form which should be duly filled and handed over to the same person.

The complaint made by the passenger will be forwarded to the local police station and they will take the necessary steps. The passengers do not need to break the journey to lodge a complaint at the police station. If there is no other way the passengers can also contact the RPF Assistant Posts which are located at the major railway stations, if they require any help for lodging the complaint.