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What is not covered under the HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance?

The HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance is a way of protecting the family of the tourists when out for an international trip. Not only the protection of the family but it also provides the financial, medical and other assistance to the insurance holder. May be a business travel or a leisure travel the HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance provides security to any type of travel. From a trip of 4 days to a longer one the travel insurance of the company gives full support to all.

The HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance covers different things like:

• Emergency Medical Expenses

• Emergency Medical Evacuation

• Financial Emergency Assistance

• Repatriation of remains

• Emergency Dental Expense

• Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability

• Personal Liability

• Hotel Accommodation

• Trip Cancellation

• Loss of Checked Baggage

• Delay of Checked Baggage

But there are certain features also which are not covered by HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance. The company is not accountable to pay any benefit to the insured person because of the following reasons:

• If there is any civil war or foreign war.

• If there is any act or terrorism.

• In case of non adherence to medical advice.

• In any case of self infliction or suicide.

• If the person is under the influence of liquor, drug or narcotics.

• If the insured person is a sportsperson or a professional player.

• If the person has any participation in any criminal act.

• If the person has AIDS or any HIV infection.

• If the person is undergoing any treatment of mental and nervous problems.

• If the person is taking part in any dangerous sports like parachuting, bungee jumping, hang gliding etc.