To Whom and When Errhine is Given and Not Given in Ayurveda

To Whom and When Errhine is Given and Not Given in Ayurveda

  • Patients suffering from sinusitis, hoarseness of voice hemicrania, migraine, cervical spondylitis, dryness, ear, eye problem, insanity, epilepsy, jaundice, facial paralysis, toothache, lockjaw and insomnia.

Where It Acts

  • Errine drugs act on prana vayu, a type of vata which controls the senses, sensory, motor and also stimulates the central nervous system.
  • Some type of nasya soothes the nervous systems in a comatose patient.
  • Acute nasyas are given to stimulate the nervous system to get immediate consciousness. These drugs trigger the nervous system into activity.

To Whom It Is Not Given

  • Pregnancy, menstruation, after alcohol, after bath, after food or after thirst, acute fever and bleeding diseases.

Types of Errhine therapy

Brihmana (nutritional)
To whom it is advised
a) Cervical spondylosis
b) Sooryavarta (migraine)
c) Ptosis (drooping of eyelids)
d) Loss of smell
e) Anxiety and other nervous symptoms
f) Paralysis-hemiplegia, facial paralysis

Virechana Nasya (eliminative)

  • It is used in kapha diseases, sinusitis, sinusitis, tumors, cold, epilepsy, insanity and parkinsonism.

Shamana Nasya (sedative)

  • It is used in pitta disorders, hairfalls, karnaada (ringing in the ears) and eyes-conjunctivitis.

Drugs used
1) juice of asparagus root,
2) juice of madhuyasti (gotukola juice),
3) warm milk
4) sneha nasya (oil nasya).

  • Used in vata, pitta and kapha diseases, usually medicated oils are used. Dhamapana-blowing of powder into the nose in an unconsciousness state to get consciousness.

> To Whom and When Errhine is Given and Not Given in Ayurveda
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