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Wind Energy in India

==Wind Energy in India==

'''Wind potential'''

* Despite having a vast land with good wind potential, at present only one per cent of India’s electricity is generated through wind turbines.

* The govt. has made a policy to make wind energy commercially viable through various methods.

* The Center has proposal to make renewable energy more commercially viable and cover issues of cost and quality, making a self- reliant modal for the sector.

* 7 states in India, namely '''Tamil Nadu''', '''[[Karnataka]]''', '''[[Andhra Pradesh]]''', '''Rajasthan''', '''[[Maharashtra]]''', '''[[Gujarat]]''' and '''[[Madhya Pradesh]]''' account for over 99 per cent of the wind power installations in the country.

* As of the last fiscal, Tamil Nadu accounts for the highest share at 56.7 per cent of the cumulative capacity, followed by Maharashtra which accounts for 12.7 per cent.

* A number of corporate including Bajaj Auto, Godrej Industries, and Ramco Industries has recently decided to set up wind energy plants, to meet their electricity requirements.

* India and China together have seen a 25 per cent rise in capacity growth over the last few years, second to Australia.

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