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Wireless router to Broadband Connection

Router is device that helps in building a home network. It acts as a centerpiece of the network to which printers, pc and other devices are connected. Networking among computers help in sharing files, sharing the same internet connection, the same printer, connecting other entertainment equipments to the internet. Routers for broadband connection are of two types; the traditional one and the wireless one. Wireless router to broadband connection supports all the functions mentioned above. It also includes all the functions of the wireless access point. It creates the access between internet and a computer without a cable connection. The wireless router can function in wired LAN, wireless LAN and both.

Wireless routers to broadband connection have the following features:

• The LAN ports which act in the same manner as the network switch ports do.

• A WAN port which connects to the wider area network. This port functions as a routing filter. In case if it is not used the functions of the router gets bypassed.

• This also acts as a wireless antenna which allows connection from other wireless devices, repeaters, access points etc.

• The wireless router to broadband connection for home use employ 802.11g technology and support high speed and many more option than the 802.11b router.

Anybody who is willing to buy a wireless router to broadband connection should go through the following mentioned points:

• Get the names of major manufacturers of wireless routers.

• Compare the prices and go through the pros, cons and the description of the router.

• Go through user reviews of the respective router which he/she wants to buy to have a clear idea about the thing.


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