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X Visa

Study Visa (X Visa) is given to any foreigner who wishes to study or carry out advanced studies or intern practice in China for more than 6 months of time. If we have an intention of less than 6 months of study in china, then need to apply for the F Visa not the X Visa.

'''Required Documents:'''
• Valid Passport with at least one blank page for the Visa to be stamped.
• Q1 Visa application form duly filled in.
• One recent photograph of the applicant glued or stapled with the application form.
• Enrollment letter to the Chinese School.
• The original and photocopy of the Chinese application forms JW101 or JW202 issued by the relevant Chinese embassy or consulate

You can come in person or authorize a person to drop the application forms in the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate. Mailed applications are not accepted. Mail Back functionality is available with special fees when requested by the applicant. The regular processing time is 4 working days. Additional fees are taken up for special requests of immediate or 2 days of processing time.

Visa fees are nearly 1500INR for an X Visa. It should be given as a cash, company check, Master card, visa, money order, or cashier’s checks. Personal checks are not accepted. The initial issued X Visa is valid for 3 months with single entry option. The X Visa holder must go through the residential formalities with the nearest police station in China with in thirty days after entering china.
Visit [| here] for more details on X Visa. Persons with mental disorder, Aids, Leprosy are not allowed to take up student visa and enter china. Visit [| here] for more details.

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