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Yoagasanas for Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas in Ayurveda

==Yoagasanas for [[Seasons-and-Doshas-Ayurveda|Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas in Ayurveda]]==

==Yoagasanas for [[Seasons-and-Doshas-Ayurveda|Vata Dosha]]==

1. '''Astma (Vata)'''—Backward bend, plough, knee to chest and corpse
2. '''Backache'''—Knee to chest, plough and half wheel
3. '''Constipation'''—Yogamudra, knee to chest and shoulder stand
4. '''Depresssion'''—Yogamudra, Plough. Lotus, palmtree and corpse.
5. '''Headache'''—Head stand, plough and yogamudra
6. '''Insomnia'''—Backward bend, cobra and corpse
7. '''Menstrual disorder'''—Yogamudra, half wheel, plough and cobra
8. '''Rheumatoid arthiris'''—Half wheel, backward bend, plough and head stand.
9. '''Sexual weakness'''—Elevated lotus, plough, backward bend and shoulder stand.
10. '''Sciatica'''—Yogamudra, half wheel, knee to chest, and backward bend.

==Yogasana for [[Seasons-and-Doshas-Ayurveda|Pitta Dosha]]==

1. '''Anger'''—Shoulder stand, half bow, hidden lotus, and corpse.
2. '''Colitis'''—Bow, boat, fish and ear knee.
3. '''Haemorrhoids'''—Shoulder stand, fish and bow.
4. '''Hypertension'''--Quiet breathing, half bow, cobra and shoulder stand.
5. '''Hyperthyroidism'''—Ear knee and shoulder stand.
6. '''Liver diseases'''—Hidden lotus, ear knee, shoulder stand and fish.
7. '''Migraine'''—Fish, shoulder stand and sheetali.
8. '''Pepticulcer'''—Sheetali and hidden lotus.
9. '''Stomatitis'''—Sheetali

==Yoagasanas for [[Seasons-and-Doshas-Ayurveda|Kapha Dosha]]==

1. '''Asthma (Kapha)'''—Cobra, fish, palmtree, soulde stand, bow, boat and half wheel.
2. '''Bronchitis'''—Fish, half wheel, forward and backward bends and head stand.
3. '''Chronic intestinal diseases'''—Cobra, locust and fish.
4. '''Diabetes'''—Backward and forward bends, half wheel, fish and boat.
5. '''Emphysema'''—Shoulder stand and half wheel
6. '''Sinusitis and headache'''-Fish, head and knee and lion.
7. '''Sore throat'''-Fish, locust, lion and shoulder stand.

* Only few '''[[Ayurvedic-Exercises|Ayurvedic exercise]]''' are dealt here.

* The remaining '''asanas''' are to be practiced through a master or teacher.

* All '''asanas'''must be conducted in a calm and quiet atmosphere.

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