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Zee Bangla

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About Zee Bangla

Zee Bangla was launched on September 1999. It is the Zee’s second regional channel. The channel is for Bengali Community. The Channel seeks to identify and meet the needs of Bengali Community. The Channel’s Programmes are Bengal focussed news, soaps and wide collection of movies with best titles.

Though the Programs have modern style, they reflect the Bengali ethos keeping audience preferences in mind. The channel caters the needs of every viewer’s with its strong local essence and the right mix of aspiration, education, information and entertainment. The channel celebrates various socio religious days, important to Bengali life through the creation of innovative properties, such as festival and event specific fillers.

Zee Bangla is always in the news and maintains direct contact with the viewers through activity oriented programmes and events. Since its beginning Zee Bangla has been providing the best programmes to the Bengali viewers.

Zee Bangla Programs

• Dance Bangla Dance Junior
• Mirrakel Ankel Bade Miya Chote
• Khela
• Earao Shotru
• Rani Kahini
• Ei Ghar Ei Sanar
• Mohana
• Raja and Gaja
• Haun Maun Khaun
• Sona Bhuthan
• Sukh

Haun Maun Khaun (A Bengali phrase which is believed to be associated with ghosts) is a game show (or reality show, as you like it) on Zee Bangla telecast on weekdays at 9 pm. It is easily the wittiest and one of the best game shows on Bengali television and can give a run for the money to any game show on Indian television.

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