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About Zee Cinema

Zee Cinema is a Hindi Satellite movie channel in India. Zee Entertainment Enterprises which is a part of Essel Group owns the Zee Cinema. It is broadcasted in many countries around the world. In the beginning Zee Cinema was part of Star TV Channel umbrella. It is being broadcasted in more than 120 countries with 350 million viewers globally. In South Asian Diaspora Zee network is the largest media franchise. Zee has its presence in the major market of the world, including Asia Pacific, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, United States of America, Africa, the Caribbean islands and Canada. The core program of Zee Cinema is to offer best Hindi films to its viewer, from their library of more than 3,000 Titles. During Festival and Special Occasions Zee Cinema presents high appeal genre movies, such as action adventure, thrillers and comedies. In the year 2004 Zee Cinema was made livelier with its new and contemporary look. Zee Cinema also produced a two minute film, Sholay and Bandit Queen and released in 75 theatres across 45 cities in the Country. The film had a huge hit.

Zee Cinema Programs:

• Shanivaar Ki Raat Sitaron Ke Saath
• Klub
• Double Mazaa
• Viewers' Choice
• Cinema Hall
• Bhakti Ki Shakti

Shanivaar Ki Raat Sitaron Ke Saath -

Every Saturday 8 P.M is your date with stars like Shahrukh , Aamir , Salman , Shahid , Kareena , Priyanka and of course Amitabh Bachchan. Catch Sabse Bade Sitaare only on Shanivaar Ki Raat Sitaron Ke Saath , 8 p.m every Saturday.


The ultimate youth destination on Zee Cinema. Every week, Monday – Friday at 4.30 you get your daily dose of cinema with your favorite stars, and that’s not all! Tune in to ‘KLUB’ to know your daily predictions and your love analysis.You can also get it on your mobile phone.

Viewers Choice -

Zee Cinema gives you the power to decide which movie to watch. Out of a given choice of 3 movies, you can select which movie you would prefer to watch.

The chosen movie will be the one which garners the maximum votes.

Watch Zee Cinema Online:


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