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Zee Music

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About Zee Music

Zee Music a 24 hour Music Channel from Zee network which broadcasts both film and non-film albums. Zee Music caters program to different age groups. Music fans across the country – be it the youth or middle class housewife – have a reason to watch Zee Music. The theme of Zee Music Programming is constant innovation and ideation.

Zee Music had its beginning in the year 1997, and then it was re launched with improved appearance in the year 2000. Zee Music through its unique programs gained a strong and growing position in the Market. Zee Music for the Asia region is uplinked from Noida in India and uses Asiasat-3S. In addition to access of largest music library they also own the rights too.

In the year 2007, Zee Music again revamped its Programming. Zee Music has maximum viewership between 4 to 8 PM. Youth viewers consumption starts little early, around 2 PM. In terms of time spent, it has a fairly high share of about 5 minutes. Zee Music approximately has 55% connectivity in cable homes countrywide.

Zee Music Programs

• The Salt and Pepper Show
• Rock baby rock
• 70 mm
• B News
• Back to Back
• Ande ka funda

The Salt and Pepper Show makes sure you get all the latest gossip right into your drawing rooms. The Salt and Pepper Show will have an exciting mix of news, views, reviews and gossips with quite an envious amount of Page 3 parties, hottest events, happening celebs, coolest fashions, and not to forget a fair share of controversies thrown in. Mon-Thurs at 7.30pm.

Rock Baby Rock is a show that gives you an insightful glance into the lives of your favorite singers sans the gloss and glamour, just pure unadulterated music Rock Baby Rock is a show which will show case most of the music stars of today who will bare their heart to the viewers. They will talk about their success and failures, hopes and despairs, insecurities and shortcomings and most of all how they make such soulful music. This thought provoking show gets one up close and personal with the current sensations like Strings, Raghav Sachar, Sukhbir, Band of Boys to name a few. 7.30pm (every Sunday).

B NEWS, is all about the glamour, the scandals, the fights, the love stories, the make ups, the break ups, the tensions, the laughter, the tears and the fears, that makes every celebrity in the world of glitz and glamour, the different people that they are! They live in the constant glare of the camera and the public, who constantly gratify and satiate their need for entertainment, by either elevating them to lofty heights or running them down! And that’s exactly what B NEWS brings to you! We will whet your appetite with news, views, previews and a no-holds-barred style of reporting, like you’ve never seen before

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