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Zee Punjabi

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Zee Punjabi had its inception on 18th October 1999. It’s is one of the Zee brands of Zee Network. Zee Punjabi caters programs to audience by knowing their interest. For Punjabi’s the channel stands as a complete entertainment Channel. “Apni Boli Apna Maan” is the channels motto which means the channel aims to instil a sense of pride in Punjabi Culture, tradition and values in the hearts of Punjabi’s all over the world. Zee Punjabi provides programs to people across all age groups and socioeconomic strata.

Zee Punjabi Programming seeks to provide music, masti and event based programming, as well as drama series for the entire Punjabi family. News, current affairs, comedies, interactive shows and live performances are some of their other programmes. Zee Punjabi occupies the Second place in Punjabi segment next to ETC Punjabi. Zee Punjabi provides programmes in a vibrant and youthful way according to the Punjabi Community Preferences.

In a short time Zee Punjabi had a prime band presence not only across Punjab but all over the country. Zee Punjabi is available from Asiasat 3 through Digital transmission. The channel also has its presence in International market like the Middle East and major Gulf Countries.

Zee Punjabi Programs :

• Akhada
• Arlpha Gadi
• Anmol Ratan
• Caught On Camera
• Dhol Wajda
• Dial-E-Punjab
• Excuse Me Please
• Gurbani
• Ik Minute Diyan Khedan
• Just Punjabi
• Kabab Korner
• Kakka Nikki time
• Kokka
• Kujh Pal Tere Naa
• Meriyan Gallan Mere Geet
• Mojh Mela
• Patakhe Tha Khabarsaar
• Phulkari
• Pratapi
• Pyaar Naal
• Ridka On Road
• Sadda Punjab
• Sadda Top 10
• Shabdawali
• Zee Kashmir Campus Buzze
• Zee Kashmir Guftgu
• Zee Kashmir jhoom ke Gao
• Zee Kashmir Rang Tarang
• Zee Khabran

Dial-E-Punjab : Zee Punjabi has its channel driver in a live interactive show Dial-E-Punjab, hosted by celebrities such as Bhagwant Mann, Jasmine Bhatti and Bobby S. Viewers can request their choice of songs either through SMS or through a toll free number.

Meriyan Gallan Mere Geet (Comedy): A hugely popular celebrity show where one famous star is invited each week to share his life's experience with the viewers.
Phulkari - A programme specially designed for Punjabi women aged 18-80. Phulkari has been one of most successful programmes on Zee Punjabi and is already 50 episodes old. It is the only programme of this genre on any of the Punjabi channels.

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