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Zee Sports

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About Zee Sports

Zee Sports is a 24 hour Sports channel with the tagline “Adding Entertainment to Sports”. Zee Sports is distributed as a part of the Zee Turner Bouquet. Zee Sports had its beginning in the year 2004. Zee Sports signed a ten year deal with AIFF to cover all Indian Games. Zee Sports covered Football with up to 13 cameras, whereas the previous right holders used only 4 or 5 cameras.

Indian League and National Football was popularized throughout the country by Zee Sports. Zee Sports presents domestic football matches in an exciting, interactive and television friendly manner. During the coverage they used more cameras, more replays, new commentators, and a new graphics look. In addition they conduct Studio programming from Stadium.

Football Café a two and half hour show, with the main theme to educate Indian viewers about Indian Football. During the show they talk about various football clubs of India, their heritage and so on.

Zee Sports Programs

• 22 Yards
• Sports Sundae
• Sports Café
• English Premier League Classics
• Cricket Replay
• Cricket Firsts
• Football Café
• ATP Tennis Magazine
• English Football: Champ Goals – Preview
• The Chosen 1's
• Football Planet
• Cricket Classics
• Goalmaal
• Powerplay
• Gillette World Sport
• ICL Jugalbandi
• ICL Big Guns
• The Talking Willow of ICL
• ICL Howzzat
• The Winning Post
• Test at its Best
• ICL Close Affair

==Sports Sundae -== Have your Sunday breakfast with Sports Sundae, where the sports news comes a full circle. On the menu in Sports Sundae is 'Cricket Hot Plate' with the hottest happenings from the world of cricket, and a sizzling 'Sports Platter' with all the news and gossip from around the sporting world� There's special space for off-beat sports and fitness fanatics can learn quite a few tips too! Apart from the weekly review, features and interviews Sports Sundae will set you up for the coming week in sports. So, to make you Sunday mornings sporty watch Sports Sundae, every Sunday at 10:00 am (IST).

==Cricket Replay -== From the Gavaskars to the Gangulys, the Vishwanaths to the Vengsarkars...Cricket Replay turns the clock back on some the most memorable cricket matches in the history of the game. We've got thrills and spills from the best matches to have taken place accross the globe. In short, if cricket is your religion, Cricket Replay is your temple....

==Football Planet -== It's the most popular game in the world, and to be up to speed with all that's happening in the world of football you need to look no further than Football Planet. Stories, analyses, reports and a fair share of controversies - you'll get it all on Football Planet. So whether you're keen to find out how Mohun Bagan are preparing for their new League campaign, or which Arsenal player is latest on Real Madrid's wishlist, or you just want to relive your favourite game in Indian football or world football...just tune into Football Planet - every Thursday, 7:30pm (IST)

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