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Zee Studio

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Zee Studio is one of the Zee brands of Zee network. It is a 24 hour English movie channel. It brought the best Hollywood movies to India, Bangladesh and Maldives and gained a good Reputation. The channel audiences fall in the age group of 15 to 34 years whose propensity to spend is high. Zee Studio has a huge movie library of 4000 titles of MGM. The movie genres in Zee Studio ranges in fixed time and theme slots from Romantic Mondays, Thrilling Thursdays, Man Fridays, Movie Marathon on Saturdays and movie festivals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Zee Studio offers ‘serious quality films’ and does not necessarily showcase films, which are hits at the box office. By providing a different choice of movies, Zee Studio has repositioned as a Movie channel. Zee Studio also broadcasts movies that has an excellent star cast but have not had a theatrical release in India. Examples of such movies are If Only, The Martins, Greenwich Mean Time and An Ideal Husband. The channel had its inception on 15th March 2000 as Zee Movies. Zee Movies was then renamed as Zee Studio when Sony Corporation bought its joint venture partner, MGM.

Zee Studio is now getting slotted as the best English movie channel for family viewing. Recently Zee Studio partnered with UTV-Palador, which presents a 360 degree initiative this summer called ‘Olive Collection’. The channel features `Twin Peaks`, `Kansas City`, `Black Cat White Cat`, `Secret and Lies` and `Seven Samurai` under this collection.

Zee Studio Programs :

• Maiden Mondays
• Thriller Tuesdays
• ‘We Pick’ Wednesdays
• Tickle Me Thursdays
• Fiery Fridays

Infomercial : These Infomercials offer a wide selection of products and a convenient method of shopping, especially for those who are pressed for time.

EPK : EPK is a promotional magazine programme which showcases all the upcoming films and television shows.

Charlie Chaplin : Watch animated and funny Charlie Chaplin go through his quirky and eventful experiences.

Hollywood Reporter : Hollywood Reporter covers all aspects of Entertainment News & the reviews of latest movie releases to breaking box office.

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