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airtel gprs setting

You can activate gprs in Mobile by using following these steps. 1.By Sms.
2.By Custmer care no.
3.By using your own pesonal setting.
1. By sms you can activate gprs firstly go to the message and wirte (MO) and send it to 54321.You will recive Gprs setting.
2.By customer care number (121).
3.You can also configur own setting.It is only for Nokia mobile phones.
1.Go to the setting. configraution setting.
3.Then go to personal configraution.
4.Click add new you will get a options like.Acess point,web ect. on acess point click packet data and write ( as a acess point and then press ok.
6.Go to the default conf. Click personal conf.and set as default.
Your gprs setting get completed.