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Tata Postpaid Bill

Tata Postpaid Bill

The Tata Postpaid Bill includes the following:

  • To buy the Tata Postpaid Bill.
  • Tariff,
  • Roaming,
  • SMS,
  • Billing and payment.

To buy the Tata Postpaid Bill:

You can buy a Tata Postpaid Bill at any of the Tata Indicom Centres or other Tata Indicom outlets. Even you can visit and you can get the connection instantly. The activation fee for regular as well as T SIM Connections is Rs. 99. You no need to activate STD facility on your Tata Indicom mobile to make STD calls. But, you need to activate the ISD facility and the refundable deposit for ISD services is Rs. 1500.

Time taken to activate the Connection:

  • In case you make cash payment or credit card payment at any of our Tata Indicom stations then you can get your phone active within 2 hours.
  • In case you make the payment by cheque, the activated mobile will reach you on clearance of the cheque which will take 4 days.

Documents to be submitted to get the postpaid bill:

You need to fill up a form (CAF) and submit the copy of your proof of address and identity along with the down payment and deposit.
Proof of identity: Driving license, Passport, Voter I-Card or any other photo identity.
Proof of address: Ration card, Passport, Fixed line Telephone bill, Electricity bill etc.

Tariff Plans:

The plan fee is nothing but a component of the Monthly Commitment depending on the tariff plan you selected. It has the various tariff plans which suit your needs.


You can access India times SMS Service, 8888 and 8887 through your Tata Indicom Mobile and download ring tones, logos, weather updates, travel information etc. The various services available are ring tones, logos, picture messages, weather updates, cricket scores etc.


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