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ICICI NetBanking

ICICI Bank being the largest private bank of India also has the largest online customer base for its netbanking service

==ICICI NetBanking Functions==

ICICI Netbanking offers

* Linking multiple accounts (with same customer ID)
* Viewing all the transactions online
* Transfer of funds to other ICICI account(s) as well as to any other Bank of India (like HDFC, Axis, Oriental, state bank of India etc) through NEFT transfer.
* Addon services like mobile recharge and mobile payment
* Opening Fixed Deposit Online
* Changing Phone number (where alerts are sent) Online
* Asking for issuing new check book (which will sent through courier to your registered address)
* Transferring funds from Bank account to Credit card
* auto debit from account towards credit card payment
* Getting account statement through email
* Filing online taxes

Other then these functions, through ICICI Netbanking, you can also apply for Loans and Credit cards as well as link your Demat account to your online ICICI bank account.

==Lost ICICI Account Login or Password==

Lot of people get confused with ICICI Account number and Login for ICICI netbanking. The url for personal netbanking is this where you have to enter your 9 Digit Customer ID number (and not your 13 digit account number) and password.

If you have lost your ICICI netbankign login or password or not able to remember it, you will have to call ICICI helpline numbers and they will assist you to reset the password after proper authentication. Do note that after making 3 wrong login attempts, you won't be able to make further attempt for the day

==ICICI NetBanking Security Tips==
# Always open in address bar and then go to personal netbanking. Never click on any link in an email and enter your details.
# Do not give your login/password to anyone even if the persons asks on phone saying he is an ICICI representative. ICICI employee may ask you for your account number and customer ID but will never ask for your password PIN number.