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Icici Lombard Car Insurance

The ICICI Lombard general insurance company is a joint venture of ICICI Bank Limited and Fairfax Financial holdings limited. In the country it is one of the largest insurance companies and it operates in a huge range with about thousands of employees and hundreds of branches.

Among it different insurance policies it has also included the ICICI Lombard Car Insurance which is a comprehensive insurance policy. This insurance policy keeps the car safe and secure from any sorts of damage, may be it due to natural calamities or may be due to manmade calamities. This insurance policy also covers for own damage, personal accident and liability.

'''To customer who is interested about the safety and security of his/her car should know the details of the policy. To start with the main benefits of the ICICI Lombard Car Insurance are:'''

* When a customer is applying for the policy a digitally signed policy will be issued without delay through the online facility of the company.

* For cashless servicing across the country the customer will get access to more than 2700+ network garages.

* The insurance holder will get Optional Personal Accident cover up to a sum of Rs 2 lakhs for co – passengers.

* The surveyor facility is available at the doorstep of the customer to cover the break in insurance of the car.

'''The ICICI Lombard Car Insurance covers up to a certain amount and the sum insured under this policy is: '''

* Any vehicle is insured under a particular value which is known to be Insured’s Declare Value or IDV.

* The IDV is calculated depending on the manufacturer’s listed selling price of the particular vehicle. Depending on this the depreciation of the total year as provided in the Indian Motor Tariff will be deducted.

The ICICI Lombard Car Insurance covers the loss or damage of the vehicles against natural calamities like flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, landslide, cyclone etc. but it does not cover normal wearing and tearing of the car, mechanical or electrical break down and depreciation or any consequential looses.