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Provident Fund Balance Online

Provident Fund Balance Online

In case you are in Andhra Pradesh there is a portal where you would be able to see your Provident Fund balance online however for the rest of India there is no provision for what so ever to see what your Provident Fund account balance is.

In case you are in other part of India you would have to totally depend on your employer for the Provident Fund account balance. Rather annually the Provident Fund office would issue a statement to your employer stating about the debits and the credits in your Provident Fund account. In case you wish to know at any given point of time apart from when the Provident Fund office issues the statement to your employer then there is no other way apart from you having to visit the Provident Fund office in your city and request them for the updated balance in your account. For this you would need a duly signed application and a copy of your identity card issued by your employer.

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Upon receipt of the request from your end the Provident Fund office would issue the balance in your account as on that date. Thankfully this service is not a charged service from the end of the Provident Fund office. However as per the latest update from the Provident Fund office, they are quiet likely to come up with a site that where in you would be able to get your balance online for your Provident Fund account. But for some unknown reason the site has been over due now for quiet some time now.

On the same context I would like to inform you that as on date apart from the said options there is no other source from where you are likely to get the updated balance of your Provident Fund account.


do not find any link for checking the balance on the given url. Please specify the complete link. Regs, Van

dear sir, my pf accont no is MH/21625/2948.pls give the balance and account statment.

This is to inform you that regarding my PF account no : AP/HY/KKP/54207 25, i didnt get me PF amount as of now as i have already been provided my bank ICICI,A/C No: 036501505805. So please let me know the statusand please do the needful as early as possible.

I want pf Balance as on Feb'10. below mentioned my PF A/C no: AP32054/458(SOMA ENTERPRISE LIMITED) HYDERABAD

Dear Sir, I would like to know the balance my PF A/c No. MH/35177/398 & MH/96955/85. Please do the needful…….. Rgds Anju Nair Mumbai

hi sir this is sarath from hyderabad i worked for iciciprucential secundrabad branch i resigned before 3 months i wanna know my pf status and amount and when it will credit in my account my pf account is 588037 thank u sir if u dont mind send details to my mail thank u sarathbabu


Dear Sir, I was working with Aurtech construction, Andheri. My PF A/c No. MH/35177/398 and was working iwth Milan Laboratories pvt ltd PF A/c No. MH/23469/166. I need to know the balance account status for the same. Can you please help me out. My email is

Dear Sir, I would like to know the balance my PF A/c No.WB/27624/14345 Please do the needful…….. Rgds Bikash Samanta

Dear Sir, I would like to know the status of my PF account I am not getting proper responce from the PF trust department

sir, i want to know my PF no...i worked in Transdyne Pvt limited, PF amount will go to barkatpura branch, hyderabad

I would like to know the balance my PF A/c No. AP/HYD/0043737/000/0001607. Please do the needful…….. Rgds V.Ravi Warangal

Dear Sir, I would like to know the balance my PF A/c No.AP/HYD/43014/2338.... Please do the needful…….. Thanks & Regards, Vinod Kumar Yampati, 09941893169, Email :

I would like to know my outstanding balance in my PF A/c as on this date. My PF.No:AP/HYD/56769/1816. Thanks & regards Murali

sir, can i know my p.f ammount.can i take loan on this amuont. kindly know proceadure and balanc. thanks MY P.F AC. NO IS. MH/21772/011655

Sir , Can i know my p.f Balance thanks MY P.F AC NO CB CBE 00336080000000252

PF Account Balance cannot be checked anywhere in site There are sites from which account balance can be checked if PF Office is in these states Kerala, Ahmedabad, Pune and Chennai

I have found the link for Employees Provident Fund Organization Regional Office Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad :- But it is not functioning. PLease help if anything else is available.

all morons submitting pf balance here.. the 'educated' ppl are the real fools of the country .. Please let me know Please do the needful How pathetic , cant we see this site doesnt provide that service. Really sad and depressing

I am working at R.P.P Infra Project Limited, Erode. so Pls my Provident Fund Statement My Account No. TN/SL/28520/895 Please informed my e-mail address

Dear Sir, I would like to know the balance my PF A/c No.MH/125129/95.... Please do the needful…….. Thanks & Regards, Ram Email :

Dear Sir, Please let me know amont balanced in my PF Account. & I want to my pf status MY PF Noumber is MH-38491/13312

Dear Sir, This is to inform you that regarding my PF account no : MH/38491/\16322, I didn't get me PF amount as of now as I have already been provided withdraw from with my bank UCO,A/C No: 14810100004566. So please let me know the status.

I am mr.someswara rao Ap.ptc39375.1206 I dont know about PF status please send me the data. thanking you sir.

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