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Airtel Postpaid

Airtel provides us a wide range of services. If you are a mobile user then Airtel postpaid is just what you might have been looking for.

With Airtel postpaid, you have unlimited freedom to remain connected with your loved ones and to control your life.

It has an excellent billing facility. All you need is to log on to the My Airtel section and you will be able to view your bill with call details for the last three months. The bill payment is also very easy.

Easy Payments

It can be paid at the nearest Airtel relationship center in cash or through your credit card or just log on to My Airtel and make the payment through credit card, else you can just drop a cheque at any Airtel dropbox.

A credit limit which is present on your account will help you in keeping your mobile charges in the limit.

Network Coverage

With network coverage that has over 23 circles in the country, you are guaranteed to have a very strong network coverage. Airtel also provides you with long distance calling the facility at extremely affordable rates.

The roaming facility allows you to remain connected and make calls from everywhere in the country as well as from 160 other countries. If you want to use the internet and office mails from anywhere in India or abroad you can always use the GPRS roaming service.

Airtel Toll-free

If you need any assistance from anywhere in the county all you will need to do is to dial 121 for all your airtel services which are a toll-free number. Airtel also provides the best value plan for which all you will need to do is to contact the customer support. In Airtel Postpaid you can choose from a varied range of affordable talk time plans. With the wide range of tariffs, you are sure to find one which will suit your requirements.

Airtel offers various SMS numbers through which its Postpaid subscribers can subscribe or unsubscribe various services.

FAQ about Airtel Postpaid

How to know unbilled Amount of Airtel Postpaid Mobile Connection 

  • Send an SMS UNB to 121 Number or Dial *121# from your airtel mobile. You can also check Airtel Website

How to know the Outstanding Amount of Airtel Postpaid Connection 

  • SMS OT to 121 or Dial *121# from your airtel mobile

How to view Detailed Postpaid bill? 

  • You can download it from Airtel Website, You may have to create your account first.

How to make Payment for Postpaid Bill 

  • Postpaid subscribers can pay their Bill Online through airtel's site or through Airtel Centers or through drop boxes.

How to know details of last 3 months bill and payment 

  • Postpaid Subscribers can check their last 3 months payment through either airtel's site or by sending SMS PAY to 121 or can call *121# from their airtel landline or mobile number.

How to get Postpaid Bill Summary 

  • Through Airtel's site or by sending SMS to BILL to 121 or by dialing Dial *121#

How to know if the requested services have been enabled or not? 

  • If you have asked to enable/disable some service in your postpaid account, you can check it by either through the airtel site or by sending SMS SR to 121

How to know about Current Postpaid Bill Plan?

  • Send SMS to BP to 121 or check your account on airtel's site

Duplicate bill of any of the last three months 

  • If you need Airtel Duplicate bill of any of the last 3 month, send an SMS - 'Dup Bill<month>' to 121 (Do Not put the ')

How to get Postpaid Bill to your email ID?

  • For one time, Airtel can send the bill to your email id, you can send SMS to EBILL<Email ID> <Month> to 121

How to get Email bill subscription 

  • By sending Sms START EBILL<Email ID> or through the site

Stop email bill 

  • Website or send Sms STOP EBILL to 121

How to Stop paper bill 

  • If you want to stop getting monthly bill (due to you paying online), you can stop the service from your account on or send SMS STOP BILL to 121

How to Start a Service on Airtel Postpaid 

  • To start any service, send an SMS START to 121 or Dial *121#, you will get more info about starting the list of available services.

How to Stop a Service on Airtel Postpaid 

  • To stop a service, send Sms STOP to 121 or Dial *121# from your Airtel mobile phone,

How to Start Do Not Disturb service on Airtel Postpaid

  • If you are getting lot of unsolicited calls and SMS, you can registered to Do Not Disturb service through the airtel's site or by sending SMS START DND to 121 or by dialing *121#

How to Stop Do Not Disturb service on Airtel Postpaid 

  • To get removed from the do not call disturb list, the subscriber can go to airtel's site or can send Sms STOP DND to 121 or Dial *121#