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Kingfisher Airlines services

The kingfisher first seats are availing 48 inch seat pitch and a 125 degree seat recline, accompanied by mobile phone and laptop chargers, IFE system with AVOD offering some new Hollywood and Bollywood movies and FM, passengers can also access the BOSE noise cancellation headphones . Access to the latest magazines and newspapers are also available on board, steam ironing service is also provided on board Kingfisher First cabins.

'''Cabin classes:'''

Airbus A320 family aircraft only provides the Domestic Kingfisher First class facility. Domestic kingfisher class facilitates 32-34 inch seat pitch with footrests. Every seat are accompanied by the personal IFE system with full of Hollywood and Bollywood movies and Kingfisher Radio. Domestic flight also provides economy class meal. ATR 72-500s domestic flight also 17 color LCD drop-down screens with loudspeakers for audio facility in the cabin overhead. A crew control panel and accessing of CDs and DVDs are also available.

'''Name of kingfisher Airlines:'''

First kingfisher airlines got the name Air Deccan, and then it simply changed in to Deccan and then to Kingfisher Red. In the Kingfisher airlines the kingfisher red provides the low cost fares in the domestic routes.


In flights passengers are provided with the bottled water and the latest communicative magazine of Cine Blitz which is the only reading material provided on-board.

'''Kingfisher first:'''

The international kingfisher first provides flat-bed seats with a 180 degree recline, including seat pitch of 78 inches and width of 20-24.54 inches. Passengers are given comfort with Merino wool blankets, a toiletry kit, and pajamas, and additionally a hard core meal as well as alcoholic beverages. A 17” widescreen personal television with AVOD touch screen controls has been installed in kingfisher first. This installation provides the passengers a live TV and FM with a bunch of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. A Bose headphone is also provided with noise cancellation is also provided to the passengers. A comfort is also given to the passengers by providing pillows and often the airhostess makes the bed for the passengers in the kingfisher first. A well equipped chef and a neat dinning facility is also available in it. The seats are also provided with massagers and USB connectors.