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Luggage booking Rules in Indian Railway


The article of household uses and personal uses which are required by the passengers during their journey or immediately after the journey is accepted by the Indian railway for booking as luggage. Articles of commercial nature which are carried for the purpose of trade and not intended for the personal use of passengers is not accepted as luggage and such articles cannot be carried by a passenger in his compartment.

Indian railway has nominated some free articles that can be carried by a passenger which are known as free articles. Walking stick, Umbrella, Tiffin Box, Small Ice Box, Handbag, and small attache case is free articles which are not chargeable.

It means a certain weight of personal luggage that is allowed to be carried free of charge during travel. This weight varies from class to class. This weight is known as Free allowance.

If one wants to book any article that is acceptable as luggage one will have to approach the Parcel Office of a station from which journey is to be started. Luggage so booked can be taken freely inside a compartment. But bulky articles, motorcycles etc., cannot go inside a compartment and those are carried in a luggage van. The television set more than 20-inch size is chargeable at 20 kilograms per television set and charged accordingly.

If any such chargeable article is detected during mid-stations checking such articles are charged six times the normal rate. So it is advisable to book luggage before the commencement of journey to avoid being penalized by ticket checking staff.

A quantity of luggage is considered at the time charging Un Booked Luggage or Partially Booked Luggage by the Ticket checking staff. Minimum Charge is Rs. 30. 12 per cent surcharge is also paid if a piece of luggage is booked in any super fast trains.

Book your luggage beforehand and travel hassle free. Travel with light luggage and shift your bulky articles to luggage vans. This will ensure free movement of other fellow passengers as train compartment is not meant for carrying luggage.

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Transporting Bike trough Indian Railway

The bike can be sent through Indian railways in 2 ways, either as a Parcel or if the passenger is also traveling with it, with a ticket.

It costs about Rs 1500 for 1200 KM. Based on the cost of the bike, the owner of the bike may have to pay insurance as well.