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IRCTC Refund

==IRCTC Refund==

'''Procedure for the cancellation of I-Tickets:'''

The Cancellation of I-Tickets is done at any computerized reservation counter in all over the country and then you people can obtain the cancellation ticket. But no IRCTC Refund will be given. They won’t refund service charges too. IRCTC will process the refund claim with the Railway Administration and after that the IRCTC Refund amount will be credited in your account. But to refund the amount it will take around 60 days or even more to complete the process.

'''IRCTC Refund Rules:'''

• In case if the train is cancelled by the railway administration due to accidents, flood and breaches then full IRCTC Refund will be given to people. You people can also cancel through online which will be available for 72 hours.

• Then the full fare also refunded in case if the train is running 3 hours late.

• If the proper coach is not provided then the difference of fare between the upper class and lower class also refunded. The people who are traveling in the lower class should submit the original certificate from TTE before claiming for refund. This rule also satisfies if the AC class fails to work properly.

• If you don’t have the ID proof then it is considered that you are traveling without ticket and the railway admin will charge according to that. Chief Commercial Manager/Refunds can be approached for discretionary refund. The original Excess fare ticket (EFT) is important to get IRCTC Refund.

• In case if the passenger is not traveling due to some reason then the refund is provided by the Chief Commercial Manager/Refunds according to the railway rules. Even if the IRCTC fail to provide accommodation then full refund is give to people.

• Refund on the Tatkal Ticket is given only if it is cancelled before the scheduled departure of the train.