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COR Certificate

'''COR Certificate'''

The COR Certificate is termed as '''Certificate of Recognition''' issued to those companies which has come successfully and it is issued by the CSAM. The privileges given for those companies and that are associated with this COR Certificate program depends upon the performance of the companies. At the time of failure to produce and maintain the standards needed, they will also be revoked.

If the company maintains the same standard and the eligibility criteria as maintained in the COR program, then the COR Certificate would be valid for about three years. '''The elements that are required to be maintained for those three years would be as follows: '''
* Training elements,
* Auditing standards, which should be maintained annually with minimum of 50% for each element and for about 80% as a whole?

In order to validate the COR Certificate and to make sure that all the standards are maintained, each year a letter of good standing will be issued to the companies.

'''The following are the steps that are required to be followed in order to obtain a COR Certificate. '''They are:
* Four training modules has to be completed,
* Safety manual has to be completed by the company,
* Company Safety program has to be implemented,
* 3-6 months after the implementation of safety program an audit has to be conducted by the company,
* Two types of audit are there which includes CSAM audit and Independent audit.

'''To obtain the COR Certificate, the following audits has to be produced initially successfully, and they include:'''
* Company Self audit,
* CSAM internal audit and
* Independent audit.

'''The following are the audits''' that are required to be submitted for the successful second and the third year of COR maintenance. They include:
* Company self audit and
* CSAM internal audit or verification review.