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BSNL Landline Bill Payment

BSNL has been launching new methods to make the bill payments. Speaking of BSNL landline bill payments one can think of various methods. This article discusses about various simple steps which can be followed to make the BSNL landline bill payments easily and quickly.

BSNL landline bill payment via online

  • BSNL has launched a new portal which lets you make your landline bill payment via online.
  • The basic requirement to make BSNL landline bill payment via online is you should have your internet banking facility activated.
  • You can also make BSNL landline bill payment using your debit card or your credit card facility.
  • In order to make the payment simply log on to and select the type of your bill.
  • Suppose you would like to make BSNl landline bill payment then click on the landline option.
  • Now enter your username and password. This is for registered users only.
  • Suppose you are new to this portal you need to make the registration by clicking on new registration link.
  • After entering your credentials you will be navigated to your bill page click on online payment link.
  • Now you can make your BSNL landline bill payment using your internet banking provision or via credit/ debit card facility.

BSNL landline bill payment via phone

  • This is the recent launch of bill payment method released by BSNL.
  • At present this facility has been limited to only few states.
  • This facility is applicable to states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.
  • To make the BSNL landline bill payment via mobile you need to register first.
  • Send an SMS M-PIN to 52828. This SMS will generate your Credit card M-PIN using which you can make the bill payment of your phone.
  • But this facility as of now is applicable for only those customer who credit card facility.

BSNL landline bill payment in person

  • BSNL landline bill payment can be done in person by visiting the nearby branch of your city.
  • All you need to have is a copy of your landline bill.
  • Submit the bill to the appropriate department(billing department) and make the payment.
  • Suppose you do not have your BSNL landline bill with you, you can also specify the phone number or bill number and make the payment.
  • For nearby branches visit BSNL portal


I had the practice of paying the telephone bill (26696135) online every time. Now the online system of BSNL(Pune) is not functioning. When enquired, I was told that some technical problem is there which is likely to be resolved shortly. One month is over. Still the online payment system is not made available. I would like to know the present status in this regard. In case any new programme is introduced I may please be informed accordingly. Actually,the previous programme was working properly and it is not understood why it is stopped without providing an alternative system.


pls guide me how to pay my bsnl landline bill through internet by means of corporation bank credit card. what is the procedure like?

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