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Provident Fund Withdrawal

Provident Fund Withdrawal

A provident fund is sort of a mandatory savings for all employees including part timers and the employees who have been employed by the contractors. The Indian government has made it mandatory and has also somehow planned of a period within which it cannot be touched or withdrawn. What I mean here is unlike a savings account from where money can be taken out at will, PF accounts hold in the money for the period of at least five years. Or for the time period a person is working in the organization.

As a statute, both the employer and employee contributions are deposited and by law no matter under what circumstances the employee quits the organization or if is terminated, he or she still stays entitled to the till date savings in the PF account. No employer may even do any deductions from the payable PF towards any dues or otherwise from the PF amount payable to the employee. In other words it has been kept as one secured savings for the benefit of the employee.

It’s the employer’s duty to help the PF office settle the dues of the contributor. The employer has to send the completed and stamped form to the PF office with in 5 days of discontinuing the job. In case the employee finds any difficulty in getting the attestation done by the employer then he can get the same done from a Manager of a bank, By a gazetted officer, CBT member, or by a Magistrate, Post Master, Notary Public, or by the President of the village panchayat.

The PF office would send a cheque in the name of the contributor, or would arrange to transfer the funds to the account of the contributor. Under the situation in which the contributor has switched organization the contributor may choose to have the funds transferred to the new organization.


i was woking in a company & i have resigned from there & that time itself i have requested to get the PF account number Now i'm workin with another company for the last 3 years with another PF account. i'm yet to receive the old account number. now that unit has been closed by the company and theie corporate ofiice (based in Chennai)& other units are still working. how I can get the PF number from the regional ofiice in Kerala , is it possible, please advice...

Can I withdraw the PF amt contributed whilei worked in my previous organisation for 2 yrs 8 months. Will it be taxable now if I withdraw.

Sir, I want to withdraw pf for repayment of housing loan taken from SBI. Can I withdraw ppf for the same?Will it be taxable or non-taxable? But after payment of housing loan I will loose my tax rebate on housing loan.My balance housing loan is Rs.3,84,000.My yearly contribution to loan is Rs.65208.So please suggest me that shall I withdraw pf?Also I have another loan burden and so I wish to pay housing loan before .So please reply soon.

sir its been one year that i have left a company is it possible for me to withdraw my provident fund??? and whts the procedure???

While withdrawal of PF instead of transfer, how much percentage amounts get deducted from the total PF? What is the interest rate to deduct the amount?

Dear sir/madam I was working in a company for 5yrs then i shifted to an another company when i shifted there i gave a trasfer letter to the pf office to transfer my pf lateron i didnt received any leter from the pf office nor from the old company. now i left both the companies when i applied for renewal of my pf i got the money from the recent company were i worked for 2yrs when i enquired them that i gave a request to transfer my pf from the old company they told it has not been transfered so now plz tell me what is the procedure to withdraw the amount of my pf with that old company

My pf account no. is MH211308/14. please let me when will i get my refund amount as i had submit the form 2 month before.

Sir, How to close my Provident Fund account. i resigned from WIPRO Technologies more than 2 years back. Can I close the Provident Fund account now and get my balance amount? If yes, What is the procedure to follow? I heard that we need to close the account with in 2 years from the date of leaving the organization. Is that true? Please help me. Thanks in Advance

I left my previous employer six months back. I had not submitted withdrawal of Pf as I will complete 5 years of service in May. Can I withdraw my Pf after that without deduction of any taxes.Does withdrawal before 5 years of service attract taxes?

Dear Sir, I have thought of transfer My PF account from my old company to new company. But I couldn't do since i was travelling within india for project requirment. Now i want to withdraw my PF amount as i did n't do transfer. I left my previous company before 8 months. Now is there any problem to withdraw money after 8 months from the old company PF?

i have not claimed my pf which is 15 years old and i left the job only after working for 1 year. how can i get the claim

Sir/Madam, am working for a retail firm, if am not served my notice period and is there any clause that the recovery amount can be deducted from the PF or the PF form can be holded for the same. There is nothing written in the Appointment Letter as such

Sir am working with axis capital ltd at dadar naupada branch but am left to my job from axis capital ltd but boss is not accepted my registration letter so am left to my job and join other company and am send one mail to my boss sir please accept. My registration lettr. After one week my boss sent mai to me you serve 7days notice period but that. Time am not abelto serve to that notice prior so without my boss singnatur how to widro my provide a fund

I was working with the Chennai Based company having the office in Mumbai. I worked around 1 year in Mumbai and resigned even I was on a probation period. Surprise when I resigned the company said we have given you the confirmation letter and asking Rs, 17,500/-. I resigned in April still I have not received my PF where to contact how do I get my PF Money. Ref: No. TN/AMB/030810/000/0000615. Please Help.......

Dear sir I am Biplaba Tripathy. I have already resign axis security and sales ltd last may 24 2013.i have already apply my pf last 3 months but still there are no response this status.please help to refund this pf

Hello Sir, I am from Mumbai, I was working with hdfc bank, left job around 5 years back. How can I withdraw my pf amount. Is it compulsory to give Cancel cheque of hdfc bank only to apply for pf. I am not having hdfc bank account but I can provide another nationalized bank cancel cheque for the same. Kindly guide where and how can i apply my pf. Is there any online process to apply the same. Thanks & Regard Ashish Gupta 8080692334

Hello Sir, I am from Kolkat , I was working with manpasand , left job around 4years back. How can I withdraw my pf amount. Is it compulsory to give Cancel cheque of manpasand only to apply for pf. I am not having no accunt but I can provide another nationalized bank cancel cheque for the same. Kindly guide where and how can i apply my pf. Is there any online process to apply the same. Thanks & Regard Samim ali 09830679787

Sir I was worked with hdfc bank for 3 months. Can I request for p.f. refund. Yudhistar karela 7726034444

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