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Puri Howrah Express

Puri Howrah Express is a train that runs between Howrah station in Kolkata and Puri.

Puri Howrah Express No. 2837 runs from Howrah to Puri. This is a train that runs on all days of the week. This train leaves its source station at 10.35 PM and reaches its destination at 7.20 AM on the next day of the journey. This train takes 20 hours and 45 minutes to complete its journey. This train consists of 1st AC, 2nd AC, 3rd AC and Sleeper berths.

This train runs 502 kms and makes 12 stops through the course of its journey. Some important stations that this train stops at include Khurda Road, Bubhaneswar, Cuttack, Balasore and Karagpur. Fare for 1st AC is Rs. 1416, for 2nd AC is Rs.852, for 3rd AC is Rs. 631, for Sleeper is Rs. 244. This is a Super Fast train. For those traveling at short notice, Tatkal facility is available where one can get confirmed tickets by paying Tatkal charges.

Puri Howrah Express No. 2838 runs from the holy city of Puri to the metropolitan city of Kolkata. This daily train leaves at 8.05 PM and reaches its final destination at 4.50 AM on the 2nd day of the journey. This train takes 20 hours and 45 minutes. This train runs non stop from Howrah to Kharagpur.


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