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How to change name in Ration Card

Changing name in a [[ration card]] is a lengthy process and thus, if someone desires to change name and does not know [[how to change name in ration card]], he/she needs to abide by certain steps. Before going through the process of How to change name in Ration Card it should be considered that the member is above 18years.
==Following are the steps to be followed prior to change name in Ration Card:==
* The person who wishes to change the name should consult a lawyer.
* The appointed lawyer will prepare an affidavit for the person to change his or her name.
* The name is then to be published in State Government Gazette.
* The name change proposal can also be published in a newspaper.
* A very important things is to be remembered that the Government has no legal responsibility regarding the affidavit publication in Gazette.
* Once the procedure is accomplished the person will be known by his or her new name.
* Thereafter he or she will file a petition to the Munsif/ Civil court of his/her District/Taluk to access an order that his/her new name and old name both indicate the same person.

Once these formalities are completed, a person can actually go ahead with the process of changing name in ration card.
==To change name in the Ration Card some more steps are to be followed.==

* The person should go to the Zonal Public Distribution office.
* He or she should collect Form No 3 for changing name in Ration Card.
* The applicant should submit the form with affidavit attested by First Class Magistrate and newspaper cutting.
* The old ration cards is also required to submit.
* The authority will provide a slip with the date mentioned for handing over the ration card with the new name. Generally it takes about a fortnight to get the work done.