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Located in Delhi, the capital city of India, Global Institute of Flight Kare and Management is regarded as one of the top air hostess training institutes in India. Since its inception the institute has manage to open 2 branches in the west and south Delhi. Today it provides quality air hostess training to more than 60% of Delhi's aspiring students in the aviation hospitality sector.

'''Infrastructure And Training Facilities'''

The Global Institute has a world class infrastructure to providing an effective airline hospitality education and training its talented students. The institute is equipped with a fabulous Central Library, Design Centre and Central Computer Centre which are easily accessible to the students for their grooming purposes. The library is a store house of several important volumes of books, reports, periodicals and reference material that can really help the students to know more about the hospitality aviation sector.

'''Course Offered '''

Global Institute of Flight Kare and Management offers a one year course in the Aviation and Hospitality Management. The course is designed to suit the needs of the present aviation hospitality. The course stresses on the important aspects like the Aviation hospitality, Personality Development & grooming, Public Relation & communication, Ticketing & Tourism, First Aid Training and Fire Safety, airline call centre training and Spoken English.

The courses are designed by some of the experienced industry experts provide an all round development and training to its potential students so that they can successfully make a mark in the aviation hospitality.

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