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special squad

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Special Squad

Special Squad is one of the famous show broadcasts by star one.This story tells the life of mumbai police and competitive cases which cannot be solved easily by the police.
This show have so many characters including famous faces such as aryan khanna etc.Director designed the investigation scenes superbly.
Akshay khanna plays imprtant role which is very storng as well as politeness and have some intention.Shaina Kaur who plays psychologist role in this show,she is very beautiful as well as ensuring that she is a good bond with hero.
Mumbai police commissioner has been set up asquad for crime cases which are very complicated to analyse as well as having barrier from political side.Investigations of the serial shows modern technology in use as well as trendy type of story telling are the positive one to attract people to see this show continuously.
Lead Actors:

The lead actors are:

Aryan Khanna
Shaina Kaur
Ajay Desai
Neha Naik
Boxer or abbasAli Baig
Shotgun or Shomiron Chaterjee
Papaji or Jogi Binjol


This program airs on STAR ONE on Mon at 9:30 PM.