Students Visa for Indians

Students visa, it is one of the classification among various visa types to different countries. Students Visa defines that the holder of the students visa had come from his or her home country to study in the foreign country. There are various countries which provide students visas and encourage foreign students to come in to their country for the purpose of study. This creates newer opportunities and newer dimension of multi cultural environment in the school or university.

USA ranks first in the list of Indian students applying a Visa to study. Most of the Indian students after completing their 4 years degree of engineering or any other professional course in India plan on to give their TOEFL exam and GRE exam with an intention to apply for various universities in the United states. They need to apply for F-1 Visa to study in the United States on Student category.

Australia, USSR and Great Britain are also in the popular target list for obtaining higher education after completing the under graduation in India. Students take up Visa of UK to land in any of the cities in the United Kingdom and join their preferred university for study. Most of the Indian students prefer London for specialization in the field of human sciences like MS, MD degrees.

Australia is the targeted country for Management programs and also for higher degree of specialization in science. To learn more about Australian Students' Visas please visit here. USSR is the commonly targeted country for higher degree in the field of medicine and human sciences. To know more about the Students visa programs from USSR please visit here.
There are other countries like Japan, China, Dubai also provides students visa program but they are not popular programs like USA, UK, Australia or USSR Student visa programs among Indians.


> Students Visa for Indians
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