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AEGON Religare Premium Gain Plan

The AEGON Religare Premium Gain Plan is designed in a special way to increase the investment and provide the best possible return. This plan frees the policy holder from the different worries like growing expenses, price hike, inflation etc. Thus it secures even their future also. It helps the policy holder to plan for the future.

The features and benefits of AEGON Religare Premium Gain Plan are as follows:

  • To get in to this plan the customer do not need to undergo any medical test. He or she will have to answer 3 different questions only.
  • The customer under this policy gets 3 different options of choosing from different funds. The available options are debt, conservative and balanced fund.
  • The premium re direction facility allows the customer to alter the premium allocation made by the policy holder in different funds.
  • This policy allows the policy holder to shift the investments from one fund to another. In each policy year 4 switches are allowed free of any extra additional charge.
  • On maturity of the policy the policy holder will receive the fund value existing and the special addition on the maturity date.
  • In case of unfortunate death of the policy holder during the term of the policy the nominee will receive the higher of the sum assured or the fund value. Special addition is to be paid on death.
  • The policy holder can surrender the policy anytime after the initial 3 years of the policy. The surrender value is equivalent to the special addition and the fund value.
  • The policy holder can partially with draw the money after the initial 3 years of the policy. The highest amount which can be withdrawn in one policy year is 20% of the fund value at the starting of the same policy year.
  • Under this policy the policy holder gets the facility of top up premiums over and above the contractual basic premium with a minimum amount of Rs 5000/-.
  • The AEGON Religare Premium Gain Plan gives guaranteed special addition of 150% or 200% of the first year premium at maturity for a policy term of 15 or 20 years.
  • Under this policy 99% to 100% of the premium is invested in funds from the 2nd year onwards.