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AXIS Bank Debit Card Annual Fee

AXIS Bank debit card is an internationally accepted card. It is accepted at 28,000 ATMs and more than 3,50,000 merchant establishments.

Features of Axis Bank Debit Card

Transaction Limit: It has a transaction limit of Rs 40,000/- at ATMs and merchant establishments.

Annual Fee : The debit card comes with a fee of Rs 95 as issuance charge and Rs 100 as annual fee.

Additional Card Fee: In case of the bank account an additional card is issued at a fee of Rs 95 per card and service tax of 12.36% is levied.

Photo Signature Card: The debit card is a personalized card which will bare the accountholders photograph and signature for the security purposes.

Insurance: The debit card has insurance features to protect the family of the account holder.

Zero lost card liability : AXIS bank customer is insured against loss of card. The account holder needs to communicate the loss to the customer service centre to block the card.