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AXIS Bank Online Account

The AXIS Bank Online Account provides effective banking for the customers for 24 hours a day. The AXIS Online Bank Account can be accessed by a customer only when he or she uses the user name and password to login to the account. The netbanking facility of the bank is popular by the name iConnect.

The facilities of iConnect or the Netbanking of Axis Bank are:

  • The online bank account of Axis Bank provides features like transaction statement, status of statement holding and instruction display for the depository accounts.
  • It allows balance enquiry for the following types of accounts:

I. Current Account.

II. Savings Bank Account.

III. Term deposit.

IV. Loan account.

  • It also supports the online queries like:

I. Viewing of transaction of accounts as per client parameters.

II. Online view of Personal Account information.

III. Quick View like the last 6 banking transactions for a particular account.

AXIS Online Bank Account also provides the facility of funds transfer from one bank account to the other and additionally, iConnect also allows a person to make online payments for the utility bills and even allows them to purchase online tickets like railways and airlines.

Charges for AXIS Online Bank Account transactions:

  • Transactions up to 1 lakh : Rs 20
  • Transactions above 1 lakh : Rs 2 per 1000.
  • Transactions above 10 lakh : Rs 1.50 per 1000.
  • Money transfer from one bank account to another in a different branch has no charges for transactions up to Rs 2,00,000.

Negatives of iConnect:

  • Demand drafts can be issued only in places where the bank has its branches.

Positives of iConnect:

  • The service is available in all major metros and cities all over India.
  • The bank transfers any amount of money, provided that the bank has that amount of money.