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Aastha TV

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About the Aastha

Aastha channel is commonly known as the Faith TV. The channel is India’s No.1 socio-spiritual-cultural television channel. The channel is launched internationally in four continents including Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe in the year 2000. Aastha caters to the vast Asian Indian populous spread worldwide, who have as a race and ethnic group eternally placed socio-spiritual-cultural values.

Aastha television channel is now available in DirecTV channel 2005 on la carte basis for US$ 14.99 per month. The multi year agreement with the Aastha TV brings the channel No. 1 spiritual network and preferred network in all over the Asian countries, Africa, Europe and Australia. Aastha TV has the headquarters in Mumbai and the channel is No. 1 socio-spiritual-cultural Network in Mumbai stock exchange.
The channel broadcasts the program in Hindi, Gujarati and English. Aastha lineup telecasts spiritual discourses, socio-spiritual-cultural ceremonies and events, meditation techniques and Indian Vedic sciences like ayurveda, yoga, astrology, crystal therapy and aromatheraphy and spiritual discourses of India’s great saints and sages. From 2005 the channel broadcasts originated programming also.

The channel telecasts Yoga awareness programs also. One of the famous speakers is Swami Ramdev who speaks about the benefits of ancient yoga in the society. The channel has exclusively broadcasts the Ramdev program since 2003. The program is telecasted in over 160 countries on global Aastha TV networks.

The Aastha TV also produces a talk on ‘Meaningful Education’ are also telecasted from 6.30 pm to 6.50 pm on Aastha TV. The program is telecasted everyday. The channel proudly presented the First series of yoga workshops outside of India, in aid of ‘Patanjali YogPeeth UK’. Aastha International is available in USA, UK, Canada, Mauritius, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. Aastha International too broadcasts programs in English, Hindi and Gujarati. Aastha International also includes meditation, music, current events and other related desciplines. The channel also airs Programs of Puiya Niruma and satsangs in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam.

Aastha TV programs:

• Discourses Acharya Pramod Shri
• Discourses Swami Hari Caitanya Puriji
• Sujok Theraphy
• Mata Ka Jagrata
• Lok Geet
• Enchanting Tamilnadu
• Sant Geet Indians saints Devotional Songs
• Mangal Maitri / Manglik Darshanam
• Sant Mat Sant Rajinder Singhji Maharaj
• Seva Ganga Sadhu Kailash Manav
• Grahon Ka Khel Pandit
• Kal Chakara
• Aastha Special
• Aarti / Dhun
• Oshodhara
• Veda Vigyan
• Yog Shivir
• Awakening with Brahma Kumaris
• Live Telecast of Bhagwat Katha
• Jyotish Shikhiye

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