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Andaman Express

Andaman Express has nothing to do with the islands of Andaman. This train runs between Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu to Jammu, which is just 50-60 kms away from the northernmost railway station in India today. Andaman Express travels a huge distance of 2800 kilometers . Being a mail express train, the journey takes a long time.

Train No. 6031- Andaman Express from Chennai to Jammu travels 54 hours and 20 minutes to cover 2800 kms. It is a bi weekly train and operates on Wednesday and Sunday. It leaves at 5.15 AM. On day 2, it reaches Nagpur at 2.35 AM. At the near end of Day 2, it reaches New Delhi at 11.10 PM and finally reaches Jammu at 1.35 PM on day 3. It makes 34 stops till Nagpur, 19 more stops till Delhi and 25 more stops till Jammu making it 77 stops in all.

Train No. 6032- Andaman Express from Jammu to Chennai travels 58 hours and 30 minutes to cover 2800 kms. It is a tri weekly train and operates on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. It leaves Jammu at 11.45 PM. It reaches New Delhi at 1.15 PM on Day 2, Nagpur at 10.35 AM on Day 3 and reaches Chennai only at 10.14 AM on Day 4. In all, the Jammu to Chennai train makes 78 stops.

The fare of 3rd AC is Rs. 1531 while it is Rs. 555 for a 2nd Sleeper berth. You have to pay Rs. 300 and Rs. 150 extra for a berth in Tatkal quota for 3rd AC and 2nd Sleeper respectively.