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Antarvedi temple

ANTARVEDI : It is 112 km far way from Rajamundry , East godavari district .It is situated on the banks of Vashista river which is a branch of holy river Godavari . The name Antarvedi comes as Lord Brahma made this place as "Vedic" to perform Rudra Yaga to get free from his sins .Here the temple is dedicated to Lakshmi Narayana swamy which is contructed in the year 1823 . Antervedi is also called as second varanasi in india . Here the god is most powerful and people believe there will be no rebirth if one prays the god here and attains MUKTHI . This place is considered as very sacred because of sagar sangam and also called as ‘Sapta Sagara Sangham Pradesam’.

History of Temple :

'Raktavilochana' who is the son of Hiranyakshapu killed hundred sons of 'Vashista' when Vashista was not present but could witness the scene with his divine powers in Brahmaloka. Since then Vashista prayed Lord Narasimha to save further destruction in the hands of Raktavilochana. Lord Narasimha therefore fought fiercely with raktavilochana .Since the demon has got a boon from Lord Siva like when his blood drops fallen on ground take the form of his body. Thus Lord Narasimha created 'Maya
Shakti', which would prevent the blood of the demon falling on the ground, and then chopped of the hands of Raktavilochana and killed him. Therefore
Vashista, on an auspicious day, in the presence of all the gods created the
image of Lord Narasimha at Antervedi and started praising and praying him .

Important festivals at antarvedi :

"The Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Kalyanam is celebrated every year on Bhishma Ekadasi day which comes during January-February". Many devotes come to take bath at Vasishta Godavari.
In the month of January, the Lord's chariot procession is held. Dolepournami celebrations are held when Lord is worshipped with panchamrita abhishekam . and sri lakshmi narasimha swamy jayanthi is also celebrated grandly every year vyishaka shudha chathurdasi .

How to reach Antervedi :

We can reach by boat on the southern banks og godavari from Narsapur. Plenty of buses are provide from different places which can drive devotees to antarvedi .