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A hindi serial which is based on the concept of beauty. This says how beauty turns into a curse in the life of a simple girl named Kangana. She belongs to a traditional Bengali family. She is an exceptionally beauty girl and fully aware of her charms. Even though she knows that she can attract any man, she wanted a life partner who will respect and admire her and not her beauty.

Kangana’s own sister Roktima and mother Sushmita tries to destroy every happiness that enters her life. Meanwhile Priyam, Kangana’s childhood sweetheart, came from America. Kangana falls in love with him and the love story begins. Priyam had all qualities which was expected by her. Then they got married and started a new life. But life was not smooth as she was expecting. Within a few weeks problems arises due to her beauty. Priyam couldn’t tolerate that his wife was more talented than him. Day by day the insecure feeling grows within him. Nivaan was Priyam’s best friend. Priyam started accusing his wife for having an affair with Nivaan. Then latter on he started to watch each and every movement of his wife.

The suspects of Priyam grows beyond the limit that he started to raise his hand against her and gave a scar in her face thinking that she would be looking like a normal human. All these sufferings are due to Kangana’s very own beauty. Now the dilemma is that whether Kangana will get over her married life or will she suffer for her rest of her life due to her beauty.

Produced By : Jay Mehta & Kinnari Mehta

Directed By : Shyam Maheshwari

Created By : Jay Production

Casts :

Sudeepa Singh - Kangana Bhattacharya
Ajay Krishnamoorthi - Priyam Bhattacharya
Chetan Pandit - Chandra
Indira Krishnan - Sushmita
Melissa Pias - Roktima
Roma Sen Gupta -. Thakur Maa
Sonali Verma - Paromita Bhattacharya
Gireesh Sahdev - Harish Bhattacharya
Jay Pathak - Palash Bhattacharya
Shalini Kapoor - Munmun Masi
Bharti Sharma - Oshima
Himanshi Chaudhary/Monaz Mevawala - Bipasha
Gaurav Khanna - Nivaan Kangana
Sudha Chandran - Maushumi
Hemant Chaturvedi -. Onir Bhattacharya
Ritu Vij - Sonalika Bhattacharya

Timings : 11 PM to 11:30 PM

From : Monday to Thursday

Comes on : <a href="/node/64414">Zee TV</a>