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  == Arslaan==

Arslaan, is a magical age story of a young boy with supernatural powers, set in olden times, 3000 years hence.
Arslaan is the story of the coming age of a young boy who is the quintessential underdog, always shying away from attention. Born a prince, he is unfamiliar with what fate holds for him, ignorant about what destiny will bestow on him, yet he moves on to become a Super hero (Arslaan).

The series is set in time, which is 3000 years hence .His quest for identity takes him on a journey that brings out the hero within and will help in vanquishing the Evil lord (Zaakfaar), to reinstate goodness in this world. The hero grows up with the gifted students from the school of magic, where his identity is not known and in due course of time he finds his mission in life-to fight evil and save the human race. He comes as the savior of mankind. 

There are dragons, loads of magic, lethal weapons that can change shape to suit occasions… everything that makes Arslaan a great fantasy to watch out for.
Sanjay Upadhyay, Head of Fiction of Sony Entertainment Television said, “We are always trying to bring shows that are new and innovative to our audiences.
In presenting a unique fantasy like Arslaan we hope to bring to the small screen a young & adventurous super hero who is different from the ones seen so far on television. This young hero will slowly grow on the viewers and we hope to make him the 21st century super hero and icon of generation next. He is young, energetic, adventurous, lovable and will warm your hearts and home with his magic and mystique.” Speaking about the new fantasy, the young director Shakti Sagar said: “ In past we have been successful in making classical fantasies but this time the idea was to make something that’s more contemporary, more modern and something that today’s kids would get associated with.
The idea is to create heroes and super heroes in the language and flavor of today’s times… thus making Arslaan and his gang a symbol of heroism for today's kids.” Arslaan is directed by Shakti Sagar.The role of the super hero Arslaan is played by Niel Bhatt and the evil Zaakfaar by Mukul Dev. So, it seems that another interesting fantasy show has started in Sony Entertainment Television and the young viewers are definitely going to enjoy the fantasy show, very much.

It is a weekend show that airs on Sunday, 7 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

Lead acters

Kishwar Merchant is playing an important role in the serial, the producer of Arsalan
Niel Bhatt plays the role of the super hero ‘Arslaan’,
The actor, Mukul Dev who is playing the lead negative character.
Other lead actors are Annie, Gaurav, Nikhil Vij, Praneet Bhatt.