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Australia Visa India

Right now Australia Visa operations in India had been closed in New Delhi and Mumbai due to the recent Pakistan and India tensions. The details of all operations of the Australian embassy are available at the link.

However, there are various visas applicable for Australia. Indians are not eligible for the first two types of the visa as ETA doesn’t include the eligibility for Indian citizens for Australia Visa on ETA.

• Business (ETA)
• Tourist (ETA)
• Tourist (Non-ETA)
o Original Passport with validity and at least one empty page to stamp Australian visa
o Australia Visa application form duly signed
o A letter from employer or school to show the ties with home country. A letter to show the purpose of the visit to Australia, places of visit, contact information and accommodation details.
o Proof of departure with a copy of the refundable ticket to Australia. We should purchase a refundable ticket in case to cancel the ticket if the visa is not approved.
o Medical Insurance an international insurance needs to be purchased before departing to Australia
o Financial statements to prove that you could take care of your expenses during your stay in Australia.
o The TraVisa service order form is to be filled at this location and it’s copy has to be attached with all the other firms during the Australia visa application filing.
• Transit – Transit visa requires almost the same documents line tourist visa but doesn’t require insurance, or financial proof, it could be obtained in the port of entry of Australia via sea or air with onward journey ticket details.
• Direct Airside Transit – We need not require a visa for direct airside transit, just we have to show the onward journey ticket, destination country visa if applicable.
• Journalism - Depending on the nature of visit like media, film, short business or long business, a type a visa would be suggested if we contact .
• Diplomat/Official