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Azad Hind Express

Azad Hind Express runs between Pune and Howrah. With the Western Express highway making it very easy to travel between Pune and Mumbai, this train has become popular with not just those who want to travel to Pune but also those who want to travel to Mumbai as well.

Azad Hind Express Train No. 2129 runs from Pune to Howrah on a daily basis. This train leaves Pune at 6.25 PM and reaches Howrah at 3.50 AM on the third day. The train takes 33 hours and 25 minutes to reach its destination. The train covers a total distance of 2020 kms and stops at 26 stations before it reaches Howrah. This is a super fast train and you can travel by Sleeper class or by 3rd AC or 2nd AC berths as well. A 2nd AC ticket costs Rs. 1906, a 3rd AC ticket costs Rs. 1390 and a Sleeper ticket costs Rs. 514.

Azad Hind Express Train No. 2130 runs from Howrah to Pune on a daily basis. It begins its journey at 9.55 PM and reaches Pune at 6.50 AM on the third day of the journey. In all, the journey takes 32 hours and 55 minutes. It makes 26 stops during its journey of 2020 kms.

This train, from Howrah as well as from Pune, is popular amongst those traveling from cities like Nagpur as well.