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B2 Visa India

B2 Visa is a type of visa issued for medical treatment or a pleasure visit on a short tem of stay in the USA. B2 Visa requires you to show strong ties with the home country and permanent residence proof with the home country to prove the intention of travel to the United States is for short trip not to stay back in the United States for a long period or forever. B2 Visa is not transferable to any other status because of the imposed new USCIS rules of immigration.

Documents from the sponsor for the B2 Visa:

• A letter from the sponsor. View a sample letter from the link here
• Passport and visa copies of the sponsor and spouse of the sponsor as applicable
• Green card copy or h1 b approval copy if applicable
• Letter from the sponsor’s employer stating the job title and salary details of the sponsor.
• Previous year tax copies if applicable, recent pay stubs and bank balance sheet minimum of 5000USD is required for sponsoring a B2 Visa
• Form I134 affidavit.

Documents from the applicant of the B2 Visa:

• Valid Indian Passport
• Visa request form, visa application duly filled in
• Letter from employer or school with the approval of your absence.
• Proofs to show the properties in the home country and the ties with the home country.
• Visa fees
• Recent pay stubs to prove the financial ability for the stay

A Medical insurance is advised to be purchased before the visit to the US since without insurance any health checkups or emergency would become costly and we are liable to pay the sum on our own. If you are planning on a part time course of study like yoga, cooking, art it is better to specify in the B2 visa application to obtain “study incidental to visit: I-20 not required” status.