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About B4U Music

B4U music is a 24-hour music channel from the “Bollywood For You group TV” channels. B4U means Bollywood For You. B4U Music Channel shows full songs from Bollywood movies in lieu of just mere clips as shown by other competitive channels which is an USP for B4U Music. B4U Music`s programming includes the biggest musical hits from the Bollywood music charts, the latest Bollywood movies, exclusive star studded interviews, non-stop dance floor hits from both the U.S. and Europe`s South Asian music scene, interactive request shows and much more.

B4U Music telecasting countries

B4U Music has got legal rights to show full songs. B4U Music is available across the Asian region, Middle East and the Western Hemisphere. In addition to Music the channel also features star interviews from India and interactive request shows. The B4U Group had its inception on 1999 in UK. In India the channel was launched on May 2000 after the expansion operations in US and UAE. B4U Music is available on more than eight different satellites and is spread across more than 100 countries including the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Mauritius and India.

Recently, the B4U Network has joined hands with Fashion TV (FTV), a free to air satellite channel broadcast to 100 countries. B4U has a 15-minute band at prime time to showcase Indian models on Indian ramp donning Indian designer wear. This band is repeated 4 times a day on the 24-hour global beam and provides an International window to Indian fashion and design.

B4U Music Programs

• B4U Bajao • A Crewstory • B4U Express • B4U Special • B4U Star Stop • Bollywood 10 on 10 • First Cut • Fresh • Full On • Full Volume • India Top 10 • Kadak Naach • Reload

B4U Special showcases 

B4U Special showcases India's finest celebrities in the world of music. In-depth interviews about their latest album and future ventures.

B4U Star Stop 

An in-depth interview, where favorite Bollywood stars speak about their forthcoming movie as well as other aspects of their life.

B4U Important Links

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