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BSR Code of Allahabad Bank

Basic Statistical Return code which is popularly referred to as BSR Code is a specially designed code that assists in finding the details of a particular branch of a bank. Every branch of a bank has its own unique BSR code. 

'''Benefits of the BSR code'''

Besides locating the details of a particular branch of a bank, these codes also assist the pensioners who were once the employees of the Government of India in getting their pensions with any difficulty. For getting their pensions these pensioners needs to get in touch with their branch bank and provide their Bank A/C No. together with the BSR CODE.

'''BSR codes of different branches of Allahabad Bank'''

The different branches of Allahabad Bank also have there own unique BSR codes. For the convenience of our readers we have provided the different BSR code of the different branches of Allahabad Bank as followed: 

Branch - NEW DELHI-SCINDIA HOUSE; BSR code- 0210161
Branch -ALLIPUR-DELHI; BSR code- 0210164
Branch -NEW DELHI-BINDAPUR: BSR code-0210393.
Branch -NEW DELHI-LAJPATNAGAR: BSR code- 0210363
Branch -NEW DELHI-TILAK NAGAR; BSR code- 0210395
Branch -NEW DELHI, PAHARGANJ; BSR code- 0210413
Branch -NEW DELHI-DARYAGANJ; BSR code- 0210411
Branch -DELHI-KISHANGANJ; BSR code- 0210620
Branch - NEW DELHI-NEHRU PLACE; BSR code- 0210615
Branch - NEW DELHI-BARODA HOUSE; BSR code- 0210619
Branch - DELHI-RAJOURI GARDEN; BSR code- 0211537
Branch – NEW DELHI-MANGOLPURI KALAN; BSR code- 0210648
Branch - DELHI-WAZIRPUR IND. AREA; BSR code- 0211029
Branch - NEW DELHI, CHITTARANJAN PARK; BSR code- 0211083
Branch - DELHI-AZADPUR; BSR code- 0210711