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BSR Code of Bank of Maharashtra

Every bank’s branches has its own unique BSR or Basic Statistical Returns code for the purpose of locating its respective details and also for paying the pensions of the retired employees of the central government of India. Even Bank of Maharashtra has different BSR Codes for each of its different branches.

Different codes

The different BSR codes of the different branches of Bank of Maharashtra are highlighted below for the convenience of our readers:

  • Branch name- PUNE KHADKI; BSR code- 0230114
  • Branch name- PUNE TILAK ROAD; BSR code- 0230108
  • Branch name- PUNE BAJIRAO ROAD; BSR code- 0230097
  • Branch name- PUNE LAXMI ROAD; BSR code- 0230105
  • Branch name- PUNE HADAPSAR I.E; BSR code- 0230103
  • Branch name- PUNE DECCAN GYMKHANA; BSR code- 0230100
  • Branch name- PUNE DAPODI; BSR code- 0230259
  • Branch name- PUNE UNIVERSITY; BSR code- 0230099
  • Branch name- PUNE NAVIPETH; BSR code- 0230110
  • Branch name- PUNE BHAVANI PETH; BSR code- 0230098
  • Branch name- PUNE KASBA PETH; BSR code- 0230333
  • Branch name- PUNE T M V COLONY; BSR code- 0230320
  • Branch name- PUNE DEHUGAON; BSR code- 0230705
  • Branch name- LONAVALA; BSR code- 0230116
  • Branch name- TALEGAON DABHADE; BSR code- 0231213
  • Branch name- INDAPUR; BSR code- 0230125
  • Branch name- AURANGABAD CITY; BSR code- 0230146
  • Branch name- AHMEDNAGAR CITY; BSR code- 0230139
  • Branch name- JALGAON CITY; BSR code- 0230212
  • Branch name- RATNAGIRI CITY; BSR code- 0230060
  • Branch name- SOLAPUR PHALTAN GALLI; BSR code- 0230071

For more additional information about the BSR codes of the Bank of Maharashtra you can visit the official website of the bank.